Supply Chain Video Analytics

Improve Supply Chain Operations with Video Intelligence

Improve Supply Chain Operations with Video Intelligence

With Inteliviu supply chain video analytics software, leverage your existing camera network to revamp your supply chain operations. Imagine elevating stock level accuracy, boosting product quality, accelerating pick-and-pack workflows, and streamlining logistics all in real time. We go even further, offering capabilities like foot traffic analytics, fraud alerts, and safety checks to turn you into a supply chain powerhouse.

Transform Your Distribution Centers in Unprecedented Ways

Inteliviu’s AI video analytics software easily integrates with your existing camera systems, delivering real-time alerts and analytics to drive immediate ROI. With our supply chain analytics solutions, we ensure that you achieve your unique objectives swiftly and cost-effectively.

Improve Patient & Worker Safety
Monitor Facility Usage and Status
Improve Shipment Quality
Reduce Errors and Costs

Inteliviu Video Analytics for Supply Chain

Order Verification Solution

Order Verification

Enhance Order Accuracy 

With Inteliviu’s Video Analytics for Supply Chain, effortlessly align products with order lists, boosting your supply chain’s reliability and customer satisfaction.

Worker Well-being Solution

Worker Well-being

Real-Time Accident Prevention

Detect risky behavior and hazards in the workplace. Our intelligent video analytics algorithm sends immediate alerts, contributing to a safer work environment.

PPE Compliance Solution

PPE Compliance

Keep Your Team Safe

Inteliviu’s real-time PPE detection ensures all staff are adequately protected, minimizing workplace health risks and identifying staff training needs.

Process Oversight Solution

Process Oversight

Boost Efficiency Through Real-Time Monitoring

Monitor workflows and identify bottlenecks in your operations. Gain insightful analytics like pick-and-pack times to refine your processes.

Asset Localization Solution

Asset Localization

Eliminate the Hassle of Misplaced Assets

Inteliviu helps you pinpoint misplaced equipment or inventory, reducing risks of theft or safety hazards and optimizing asset utilization.

Incident Response Solution

Incident Response

Ensure Rapid Reaction to Injuries in Emergencies

Leverage artificial intelligence to recognize abnormal postures and falls, sending immediate alerts to ensure rapid responses to incidents.

The Possibilities With Inteliviu Are Endless. Where Will Your Imagination Take You?

Effortless Customization with Inteliviu

Designed for seamless integration and a high ROI, Inteliviu tailors its solutions to meet your specific needs.

Custom Models

Unique challenges? We’ve got you covered. Inteliviu specializes in crafting custom models to solve your specific problems effortlessly.

Defined Boundaries

Different areas might require different rules. Easily sketch out specific areas on your feeds to ensure targeted application use.

Precision Detection

Dive deep into analytics with our refined detection algorithms. Mix and match objects and attributes to gain nuanced.

Insightful Alerts

Information is power only when used. Inteliviu’s reporting capabilities offer real-time alerts & seamless integration with existing systems.

Scalable Design

Wherever you are, Inteliviu adapts to meet your needs. Whether you choose cloud or edge deployment, optimal performance is guaranteed for both.

Universal Compatibility

Budget constraints? No worries. Inteliviu is designed to be compatible with any IP camera, and we also offer solutions for closed-network cameras.

Ready To Turn Your Vision Into Valuable Insights?