Food Safety Equipment Check In a Restaurant Kitchen

Food Safety Equipment Check In a Restaurant Kitchen

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Detection of wearable food safety equipment using Computer Vision solution with Yolov5s on existing CCTV camera setup for quality check.


One day, during a routine inspection, the restaurant manager found that one of the kitchen’s essential wearable food safety equipment, a chef’s hat, was not worn by a few members of the kitchen staff. Without the chef’s hat, there is a risk of head hair falling into the food.


A US-based restaurant is a popular dining destination known for its delectable menu items and exceptional service. The restaurant’s kitchen staff is required to wear food safety equipment that ensures the quality and safety of the food served to customers. The restaurant management takes food safety seriously and has established standard operating procedures for the regular inspection and maintenance of the wearable equipment like gloves and head caps.


The restaurant had a CCTV camera setup already installed. The company which provides computer vision solutions captured video samples of people while wearing gloves and hats along with footage of people working without this equipment. The model was trained to detect wearable equipment with high accuracy and log the time and name of the staff member who was not complying with the rules. This log was maintained by the management of the restaurant for efficient monitoring of food safety standards to maintain quality. The restaurant management also initiated a training program for the kitchen staff on the importance of regular equipment checks and the significance of maintaining a safe and hygienic kitchen environment accordingly.


The incident highlighted the importance of regular food safety equipment checks and the need for swift action when any issues arise. The restaurant management’s prompt action ensured that no customers were put at risk, and the restaurant’s reputation for food safety was preserved. Automated equipment checks can help prevent future incidents and maintain a safe and hygienic kitchen environment, ensuring that customers enjoy their dining experience without any health concerns.