AI Video Analytics Software

Transform Video Streams into Actionable
Insights with Enhanced Camera Intelligence

Inteliviu AI video analytics software empower your existing IP cameras to uncover new operational intelligence, giving you 360-degree visibility into your operations. Let Inteliviu help you see your facilities in a whole new way.

Flexible Architecture

Stream seamlessly from any camera, be it on the edge or in the cloud.

Video Intelligence

Revolutionize your live video streams into actionable, structured data.

Powerful Dashboards

Strategically capture real-time insights and drive immediate decision-making

Valuable Context

Dive deeper into the data for refined understanding and enhanced analysis.

How does Inteliviu help you?


Utilize advanced AI video analysis to optimize workflows, elevate real-time business processes, and tap into superior insights for decision-making.

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Delight your clientele as we integrate video analytics directly into your existing hardware devices, software platforms, and SaaS innovations.

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Data Integration

Convert video into structured insights for your data lakes. Dive into deeper contexts with visual intelligence, maximizing business impact.

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Meet Inteliviu

Elevate Your CCTV Cameras
Beyond Ordinary

Seamlessly transform video streams into structured data insights without the hefty price tag. From security to webcams, each becomes an analytics tool via Inteliviu’s pioneering computer vision tech.

With Inteliviu, your cameras do more than record; they become smart, analytical eyes in your business, offering real-time insights and foresight. This isn’t just surveillance; it’s about unlocking potential, enhancing efficiency, and driving innovation. Unleash the power of every frame and elevate your understanding of operations like never before.

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Enhance Digital Twins with Video Intelligence

Enhance Digital Twins
with Video Intelligence

Augment digital twins using visual insights without the need for extra sensors. Our AI video analytics software grants a multi-dimensional perspective, drastically reducing both time and costs. Dive deep, truly understand your operations and processes, and experience efficiency and clarity like never before with Inteliviu.

Inteliviu’s solution transforms your video data into actionable intelligence, bridging the gap between the physical and digital realms. Embrace a smarter approach to monitoring and analysis, where every pixel tells a story, driving your business towards unprecedented innovation and growth.

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Artificial Intelligence Experts:
A Choice, Not a Must

Inteliviu offers a unique, tailored strategy that delivers accurate video analytics solutions swiftly. Though artificial intelligence specialists can contribute, they’re not essential to harness the power we provide. Inteliviu’s AI video analytics software is a game-changer for businesses seeking to optimize operations without the complexity of traditional systems.

Our technology empowers your cameras to become intelligent observers, providing deep insights into every aspect of your operations. Dive into a realm where innovation meets your aspirations, streamlining operations with unparalleled efficiency. Embrace the future with Inteliviu’s visionary approach.

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Deep Vision with
Contextual Insight

Inteliviu transcends basic identification. Utilizing cutting-edge ML and unique algorithms, our video analytics software do more than just recognize objects; we provide comprehensive contextual insights and deep relational comprehension. With Inteliviu, every pixel of your video data becomes a source of strategic intelligence.

Our platform empowers you to see beyond the surface, uncovering the subtleties and patterns that drive smarter business decisions. Dive into a richer, more insightful analysis, tailored for advanced operational clarity. Embrace our transformative vision for superior understanding.

Capitalize on AI Insights

Seeing Beyond Pixels, Crafting
Tomorrow's Insights with Inteliviu


Advanced Video Analytics Solutions For You

For developers and business leaders alike, Inteliviu is a treasure trove of possibilities. Whether integrating our technology with your existing hardware or infusing it into your proprietary apps, our intelligent solutions and robust APIs make the process effortless.

AI Video Analytics Software login Dashboard
Secure Access to Your Retail Insights

Kickstart your data-driven journey with our secure login page. A user-friendly interface that ensures only authorized personnel can tap into valuable retail metrics and employee records, , offering a seamless and safe experience for accessing critical business data.

Inner view of dashboard
Real-Time Floor Analytics & Ticketing System

Gain an instant overview of floor activity, from customer footfall to employee presence. Integrated ticketing allows for efficient management of employee requests like leaves, as well as critical alerts like low stock levels or missing equipment.

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